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The Sacred Self-Love Course

A Psycho-Spiritual Course Taught Through An Islamic Psychological Lens!

Having a loving, healthy, and nourishing relationship with ourselves in a way that is aligned with our relationship with God is the most valuable work we can do in our lives for it is this very core relationship we have with ourselves each day that impacts the way we walk towards God, the way we approach His path for us, the way we interact with His tests, the way we utilize what He gave us and strive towards our potential, and the way we love, give, and serve others! But unfortunately, self-love is a topic that many of us are not used to hearing in our communities and many of us may even cringe at the term because we do not fully understand it within a spiritual context and how it relates back to our relationship with God! This course will take you on a journey in which you will learn about the spiritual and psychological significance of having a healthy, loving, and sacred relationship with yourself, and how necessary this is for not only your spiritual health but also for your mental & emotional health and the personal growth and success you want to achieve on your path to God!

Your Instructor: Dr. Marwa Assar, PsyD

Founder & Teacher of The Sacred Self-Love Course

"Do not respond to God's gifts to you by playing small. His plans for you are not small, and neither should your response to them be small. Playing small is no form of gratitude to the One who wants you to be grand!" 

~ Dr. Marwa Assar, PsyD


Through this Course, You Will Gain the Knowledge & Tools that Will Help You:

  • Understand the Meaning of Sacred Self-Love Through an Islamic Psychological Lens!

    Through the teachings of the Qur'an, seerah, & psychology, you will learn how to view and love yourself in a way that serves your heart and not your ego, empowers your relationship with God, motivates your personal growth, increases your confidence, and nourishes you spiritually, mentally, and emotionally!

  • Gain Awareness & Knowledge of Who You Are & About Your Psychological & Spiritual Design!

    You can't love yourself without knowing yourself! In this course, you learn about how God designed you, the importance of prioritizing your heart, and how to align yourself with His design through Dr. Marwa's Heart Over Mind & Ego (H.O.M.E) Approach to Psycho-Spiritual Wellness.

  • Renew Your Understanding of What Love is!

    You can't love yourself in a sacred way without first understanding love itself in a sacred way! In this course, you will deepen your understanding of Love and Its Purpose through Dr. Marwa's 5 Principles of understanding love through the Divine!

  • Understand the Core Ingredients of Loving Yourself in a Sacred Way!

    In this course, Dr. Marwa will share with you her 7 ingredients of Sacred Self-Love that will help you approach your relationship with yourself in a holistic, empowering, and nourishing way that is pleasing to the One who created you and can transform you into your best self!

  • Experience Self-Love Through Al-Wadood (The Most Loving)

    This course is about empowering you to see your worth and self-love through Al-Wadood, The Most Loving. It is about Recognizing God's Love for You Through Your Own Unique Path in This World! Through this journey, you will begin to see God's love and guidance for you individually through everything you witness, through your tests, and through what He puts on Your path back to Him!

  • Maximize Your Potential & Step Into the Person God Is Molding You to Be!

    Cultivate a sacred kind of self-love that fuels you to utilize what God gave you, be confident in who you are and what you have to offer, and step into the person you were designed to be!

"There is nothing more nourishing for the soul than love. And there is no love as nourishing as the one received from the One who created you, loved you first, and has reared you and cared for you with love throughout your life. It is through experiencing God's love that we learn to truly love ourselves and others in a sacred way, but also succeed in this world and the next!"

~ Dr. Marwa Assar, PsyD

What You Get:


  • 6 VIDEO LESSONS (About 10 Hrs of Video Content!)

    Get Access to 6 Video Lessons that Were Pre-Recorded LIVE and Offer You the Opportunity to Benefit From Answers to Questions Asked by Previous Students!

  • Receive the Sacred Self-Love Workbook!

    This course comes with a workbook full of the knowledge and exercises to help guide you through the course and engage more deeply with what you are learning!

  • A Guided Meditation!

    Participate in a Guided Meditation Designed to Help You experience loving yourself through Connecting to God and His Love For You!

  • Course Exercises

    This course comes with exercises to deepen your understanding of the material so that its not just your mind that becomes full with new knowledge, but your heart becomes fuller with nourishment due to your connection to that knowledge!


And Begin Learning From the Comfort of Your Home!

Course Testimonials


"What I didn’t realize is that that only through this sacred self-love could I overcome the spiritual barriers and obstacles that were preventing me from progressing unto Him (God).  It was Dr. Marwa Assar who helped me synthesize the connection between the two at her “Sacred Self-Love” workshop and it was she who provided me the missing link or key I felt was so vitally needed for my spiritual growth.  She taught me the relationship between the heart, mind and ego, how each one served an important role and how each was created within us with a great purpose and wisdom.  Dr. Assar accepted me into her workshop at a time that I felt heavy-hearted and like I had hit rock-bottom. And by the end of the workshop I felt light-hearted and felt that she had inspired me with hope – hope of Allah’s acceptance, mercy, forgiveness, compassion and love with a new set of tools I could utilize to draw nearer unto to Him." 


"Dr. Marwas self love course was truly amazing! This was pretty much my first time delving into this issue of self love, let alone it being from an Islamic perspective. I was truly amazed by the content and discussions. Subhanallah after this course I got to look at a lot of the ayaat (verses), ahadeeth (sayings of Prophet Muhammad), Arabic words, and Allah's (God's) names from a totally different perspective and picture. It was such a heart warming course, i learned soooo many new things alhamdulilah. Dr. Marwa is so passionate about this topic that you can truly feel it in the way shes teaching the course and explaining it to us. Shes really knows what shes talking about and did an amazing job shedding light on this issue. She's done amazing research and analysis to back up all the points she discusses. Definitely take the course u will love it!"


"Experiencing a whole new level of sacred self-love in my life: The Self-love course by Dr. Marwa Assar answered my questions about learning to love myself through Allah and directed me to remove false beliefs about loving myself by helping me to renew my understanding that heart can help to connect to Allah and the mind is there to serve the heart and ego must be tamed as it is not meant to the king of our being and it contains the lower drives. Super happy and excited. Experiencing a whole new level of bliss in my life."


"Dr. Marwa's courses were enlightening and insightful as they provided important information about personal growth from both a modern psychology and traditional Islamic perspective - therefore combining the best of both worlds. I would recommend the courses for those looking to grow spiritually and emotionally"


"As Dr. Marwa says, it is a journey. For me personally, it was a journey that began with concepts and perspectives I had never before heard or understood. These connected me so quickly but so deeply with a faith that I knew was in my heart, felt was in my heart, but was clouded by my mind and disconnection from my heart. This in turn reconnected me to God in a way that was, again, so limited by my mind beyond my own awareness before. I am looking forward to the rest of this journey, and am forever grateful for this guidance."


"I loved reading the verses from Quran and Hadith in the course workbook .Guided Meditation has to take the crown though for being my favorite part of the course."


"It was an amazing experience where you understand that self love is a life style, and it is not the same as being selfish by far. It is a great path way to discover and learn that by loving ourselves in a healthy manner, we are connected with the Creator with our faith, in consequence, were are better human being , despite our environment , because it is a personal and intimate relation between the Creator and us. Self love means be free but not with freedom in our body and in our society, but acting in consequence with our religion, because at the beginning and at the end we’re are just souls.


"(I gained) a better understanding of the heart, its position, roles and importance. The heart is often mentioned in hadith, the Qur'an and in tasawwuf but I've never really understood it in the way explained by the course. I've always considered it to be more of a metaphor for the mind but the course provides clarity about this and makes the concept less abstract. I now have a better viewpoint of the hadith statements and Qur'anic verses and can work to develop new insightful meanings of these."

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