Start The New Year By Transforming Your Acts of Worship, To Awaken Your Heart, Purpose, & Life!

Course Starts: January 25th, 2021!

Come Back To What You Were Created For!

About This Course:

A Psychological View of Worshipping God Beautifully

In this course, Dr. Marwa takes you on a psychological and spiritual journey to renewing your understanding and relationship with the acts of worship that God has prescribed for you through the Qur'an & Sunnah! Through an Islamic psychological lens, you will learn both the spiritual and psychological power and significance of worship (ibadah), and how to re-ignite your connection to God, and receive the spiritual, mental, and emotional benefits of worshipping God beautifully!

Your Teacher!

Dr. Marwa Assar, PsyD

Dr. Marwa Assar is a psychologist, psycho-spiritual teacher, and founder of The H.O.M.E Institute! She specializes in heart-centered psycho-spiritual wellness through an Islamic psychological lens. Dr. Marwa utilizes her 10+ years of studies in psychology, her studies of Islam, her experience as a therapist, and her explorations and research in navigating the merging of Islam and psychology to bring you the courses, programs, and retreats that will empower you not only spiritually, but also mentally, and emotionally! 

A Heart-Centered & Transformative Journey!

What You Will Gain Through This Course (God Willingly):

  • Learn the Psycho-Spiritual Knowledge & Tools That Will Help You Transform Your Acts of Worship & Beautify Your Life!

  • Learn about Dr. Marwa's Heart Over Mind & Ego (H.O.M.E) Approach To Psycho-Spiritual Wellness: To Help You Prioritize The Nourishment of Your Heart & Transform The Quality of Your Acts of Worship!

  • Reap MORE of The Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, & Holistic Benefits, That Your Acts of Worship Were Designed To Give You!

  • Re-Connect To Your Purpose in This World and What You Were Created For!

  • Re-Ignite Your Relationship With God!

  • Strengthen Your Connection with God in Your Daily Prayers, Supplications, & As You Remember Him!

  • Tackle The Psychological Barriers That Keep You From Worshipping God Beautifully!

  • Better Channel Your Thoughts In Prayer To Increase Your Presence With God!

  • Live More Intentionally, Purposefully, & With Gratitude!

  • Increase Your Consciousness of God and Awareness of Him Each Day!

Your Prayers & Acts of Worship Will Be Transformed!

A Beautiful, Awakened, & Empowered Life Begins With How We Stand Before God!

"When we learn to pray, we teach our limbs the motions and that's not so hard. The challenge is teaching our minds and hearts to pray.  We need to cultivate minds and hearts that know how to pray!  So that when we stand in prayer, it is our heart that takes the lead, as our mind becomes humbled and in service of the heart's growth and connection to God! We often assume our mind knows better, but as we learn how to better channel our thoughts, our heart can then begin to feel, connect, and be more nourished through worshipping God, without the mind interfering with that beautiful experience!"

~Dr. Marwa Assar, PsyD


Course Starts January 25th, 2020!







"Dr. Marwa's courses were enlightening and insightful as they provided important information about personal growth from both a modern psychology and traditional Islamic perspective - therefore combining the best of both worlds. I would recommend the courses for those looking to grow spiritually and emotionally!"

~ R.E

Your Course Package Includes:


    Receive Life-Time Access to All Course Material!

  • LIVE Weekly Lessons With Dr. Marwa!

    Each of the 7 weeks, you will attend a (1hr -1.5 hr) LIVE lesson with Dr. Marwa, and get access to the recordings of each lesson afterwards on your course platform! (✨Time of Live Lessons: Every Monday at 7 pm U.S EST! Please check your equivalent time zone.)

  • Weekly Q&A Time!

    After each week's live lesson, you will have time to ask Dr. Marwa, any questions you may have about the course and your journey as you work to transform your acts of worship!

  • Weekly Psycho-Spiritual Worksheets!

    Each of the 7 weeks, you will receive a psycho-spiritual worksheet, developed by Dr. Marwa, to help you connect more deeply to that week's lesson and apply what you are learning!

  • Dr. Marwa's Guided Meditation on "Cultivating a Present Heart!"

    In this course, you will receive Dr. Marwa's Guided Meditation to help you cultivate a present heart each day, in order to strengthen your connection with God, yourself, and what you set out to do each day!

  • Your Psycho-Spiritual Progress Tracking Sheet

    In this course, you will receive a tracking sheet to motivate you to be consistent in your acts of worship, and doing the actions that contribute to your spiritual, mental, and emotional growth!

  • BONUS: The ACCEPTED WORSHIP SERIES (With Various Islamic Scholars)

    In addition to the actual course content (the 7 LIVE Lessons with Dr. Marwa), you will receive access to bonus LIVE classes with various Islamic scholars, To help you refresh and increase your understanding of what will promote your acts of worship to be accepted by God. Because if we care about our acts of worship, we need to learn how to excel in them and how to perform them in the way that is most pleasing to God!



The Accepted Prayer (Salah)

with Sheikh Yaser Birjas

Cultivating Excellence (Ihsan) In Worship

with Dr. Shadee Elmasry

The Accepted Supplication (Dua)

with Sheikh Suhaib Webb

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