An Online Classroom That Brings You LIVE Monthly Classes on Various Holistic Wellness Topics, Rooted in Islamic Teachings, All From the Comfort of Your Home!

Why Holistic Wellness?

Islam is a faith that teaches us to care for ourselves holistically, for nothing within us functions in separation of one another, and all facets within us impact our heart, it's health, and its path to God!

The Holistic Wellness Classroom

Monthly Online Classes Designed to Empower Not Only Your Spiritual Health, but Your Personal, Mental, Emotional, & Physical Growth and Health As Well!

Your Heart is a Priority and So It is Important to Take Care of Everything that Impacts Its Health, its Nourishment, and its Path to God! ​

Learn From Islamic Scholars, Mental Health Professionals, Nutritionists, and Various Other Qualified Professionals In Service of Your Growth, Health, & Success!

The Holistic Wellness Classroom Experience

  • A Holistic Educational Experience

    Learn from various qualified instructors about diverse and important topics designed to empower not only your spiritual health, but your mental, emotional, & physical health as well!

  • LIVE Monthly Online Classes with Q & As

    Each month, a new LIVE online class will be offered, and will be followed by Q & A time with the instructor!

  • Access to Recordings of ALL Live Classes

    With your monthly or yearly membership, you will receive access to the recordings of all the completed LIVE classes, for as long as you are a member of The Holistic Wellness Classroom!

  • Holistic Self-Care Course with Dr. Marwa Assar

    The HW Wellness Classroom will give you access to Dr. Marwa Assar's course, "Holistic Self-Care: For the Mind, Body, & Soul," and you can begin learning now at your own time and convenience!

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Classes Are Taught by a Different Instructor Each Month of the Year! 

Learn from Esteemed & Qualified Teachers Such As.........

Sheikh Hassan Elwan
Teacher & Spiritual Counselor

Noor Salem
Author & Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Heba El-Haddad
Mental Health Instructor & Counselor 

Sheikh Yaser Birjas
Islamic Scholar, Educator, & Pastoral Counselor

Dr. Abdallah Rothman
Licensed Professional Counselor (Specialization in Islamic Psychology)

Sheikh Jameel Besada
Islamic Scholar & Seminary Instructor 

Sheikh Yasir Fahmy
Islamic Scholar & Instructor 


Stay Tuned for Announcements of Other Upcoming Instructors! 

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